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Will IASD teachers assign additional assignments (portfolios, projects, assessments, etc) to the students in the class who are taking it for CHS credit?

  • Generally, no. There may be an occasional exception which would be communicated to the parents by the IASD teacher.


What grading scale will my child be held to; the college or IASHS?

  • Each student will be held to the IASD standard grading policy regardless of enrollment in a CHS course or not.


If I have questions, who should I contact?

  • While it is certainly appropriate for students to meet with their school counselors, questions about the CHS program should be directed to Mr. Rob Heinrich at (724) 463-8713 or [email protected]


How will I know if the CHS credits will apply to the university/college my child plans to attend?

  • Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) created a site to help parents understand how credits can transfer from university to university which includes high school CHS courses (also referred to as Dual Enrollment courses). For more information, please visit Additionally, the PaTRAC page on this site provides instructions for how to navigate the site.