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The Indiana Area Education Foundation

Be a part of shaping the future! 
The Indiana Area Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 that raises private dollars through tax-deductible contributions to enrich educational opportunities and to support innovation and excellence in the schools of the Indiana Area School District. This goal is accomplished by funding grants for teachers and by strengthening communication between the community and the schools.
The IAEF operates independently from the Indiana Area School District for the primary benefit of its students. Funds raised by the Foundation promote and enhance educational programs and activities that are not funded within the constraints of the school district's operating budget.

Our Mission Statement:

The Foundation will ensure the highest level of education opportunity by supporting Indiana Area School District students, faculty and staff through a philanthropic partnership dedicated to supporting the academic, athletic, inclusive, extracurricular, and improvement initiatives of the IASD.


Choose Where Your Dollars Go!
Many former athletes credit their experiences in high school sports with their success in life. Help support the incredible coaches, trainers, game-workers, and volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to changing the lives of student athletes!
  • Stadium improvements
  • Uniform replacement/upgrades
  • Improved equipment
Education in the Arts:
Research shows that education in the creative arts results in improved student outcomes. Imaginative activities for young learners can lead to better skills in social interactions, help regulate emotions, improve creative problem-solving skills, and even help students improve language skills. Your support will enable student growth, promoting a beautiful and creative world around us!
  • Purchase of instruments
  • The creation of new music engineering space
  • Expansion of pottery program
  • Makerspace opportunities and partnerships
Inclusiveness and Accessibility:
The district will always be in compliance with the legal requirements for inclusivity and accessibility, but there is a significant difference between compliance and ensuring that everyone can enjoy a similar experience.  Your donation can knock down barriers and improve conditions for children with special needs!
  • Inclusive Playground at East Pike
  • Bathroom expansion in Life Skills classroom
STEM Programs:
Support the next generation of scientists who will keep America at the top of the world in Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Scientific Research!
  • Combat Bots
  • Science Research Expo
  • What's So Cool About Manufacturing
  • Science Field Trips
Thank you for your continued support of our students!
- 28 September 2024:
Golf Outing at Meadow Lane 
- 24 October 2024:
Spaghetti Dinner at Home Farm Barn (details coming)
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