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Your child should know the safety and conduct rules for riding the school bus. Refer to the specific policy on Bus Conduct and Safety Procedures, which can be found in the Attendance, Behavioral Guidelines, and Discipline Policy booklet.

Indiana Area School District bus drivers have been instructed in their duties and will ensure that school transportation is both safe and pleasant. Parents are also asked for their cooperation. Any bus transportation problems should be promptly discussed with the principal. This will aid in correcting problems that may arise.

Bus Student Health Forms

The Indiana Area School District considers your child's safety and well being the number one priority while riding the school bus to and from school. The District is aware that some children have medical/physical conditions that need immediate attention, e.g., bee stings, diabetes, etc. and that it would be in the best interest of the child to share this information with the bus driver. Although the bus driver is not permitted to administer any type of medication, we do have a plan in place to obtain medical services in case of an emergency.

If you did not receive the form and wish to provide your child’s information, you may download a copy of the form.  Please complete this form if you wish to share any health information with your child's bus driver. All information will be kept confidential.