Title I Services

IASD Title I Services 
One of the most fundamental and necessary skills needed to succeed in today's society and the workforce is the ability to read. Therefore, the objective of Title I is to help each child reach his/her potential and to give each child an opportunity to learn to read to his or her fullest capability. Students can then succeed in other endeavors as they begin to communicate and develop positive attitudes about themselves, their peers, books, and education. 
However, because of developmental differences, the diverse home lives of children, and their ability to become successful learners, the Schoolwide Title I Reading Program at the Indiana Area School District was developed to address these differences. The Schoolwide Title I Reading Program assures that every child is provided the freedom to make the most of these skills needed to function in today's fast-moving world.

The Indiana Area School District is committed to providing an opportunity for children to learn to read. Together, parents, reading specialists and other school personnel can ensure the success of this objective for those children in need.