Board of Directors

The Indiana Area School District Board of Directors consists of nine members who are elected from the community at large.  Board members are dedicated volunteers who are not compensated for attendance at meetings or other activities.  
The Board President is Mr. Walter Schroth.  The Vice-President is Ms. Julia Cuccaro. 
If you would like to send an email to all the board members, please email the board secretary at  
Public Comments
The Board is interested in hearing the views of the public.  Time is provided at the beginning of the meeting for public comments.  Each person signing up for public comment is allowed up to three (3) minutes.  Time is also provided at the end of meetings for public comment on agenda items of that particular meeting. 
In-Person Meetings
For in-person meetings, there will be a sign-up sheet for public comment located on the receptionist's desk in the outer office. You may also call the Board Secretary in advance to be added to the list of public comments. Please contact Anise Markle at 724-463-8713 extension 3116 or via email at
Virtual Meetings
You can follow the steps listed above for in-person meetings or click on the link below.  
For more information on public comment, please visit the "Meeting Notice" portion of this site.  
2021 IASD Committee Assignments
Academic and Extracurricular
  • Mr. Tom Harley- Chair
  • Ms. Tamara Leeper
  • Ms. Ute Lowery
  • Ms. Tamie Blank 
  • Dr. Timothy Runge, Community member
  • Ms. Josephine Cunningham, Community member
Policy and Personnel
  • Ms. Ute Lowery - Chair
  • Ms. Cinda Brode
Buildings, Grounds, and Transportation
  • Mr. Terry Kerr - Chair
  • Mr. Tom Harley
  • Ms. Barbara Barker
Audit and Finance
  • Ms. Julia Cuccaro - Chair
  • Ms. Cinda Brode
  • Mr. Terry Kerr
  • Ms. Barbara Barker - Chair
  • Ms. Tamara Leeper
ICTC Board:
  • Ms. Ute Lowery
  • Mr. Walter Schroth (alternate)
ARIN Board
  • Ms. Barbara Barker
PSBA Liaison
  • Ms. Julia Trimarchi Cuccaro
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