Meeting Notice

About Board Meetings
Business meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month unless otherwise noted.  Special meetings are usually held on the fourth Monday of each month.  Meetings are held in the conference room at the Administrative Office at 501 East Pike in Indiana unless otherwise noted.  The dates are listed in the calendar on the District's homepage.  Additionally, public notice is given before all school board meetings.  
Meetings follow an agenda that is developed by the Superintendent in consultation with the President of the Board.  Copies of the agenda are provided to visitors and are available via the District's website on Friday afternoon.  
Public Comments at a Board Meeting
The Board is interested in hearing the views of the public.  Time is provided at the beginning of the meeting for public comments.  Each person signing up for public comment is allowed up to three (3) minutes.  Time is also provided at the end of meetings for public comment on agenda items of that particular meeting. 
There will be a sign-up sheet for public comment located on the receptionist's desk in the outer office.  You may also call the Board Secretary in advance to be added to the list of public comments.  Please contact Anise Markle at 724-463-8713 extension 3116.   
All comments shall be addressed directly to the entire Board, not to individual board members.  Keep your comments brief and relevant.  A calm and dignified presentation will aid in maintaining focus and mutual understanding on a particular issue.  Matters raised will be taken into consideration and referred to the administration for further study and recommendation.  This portion of the agenda is for public comments and as such the Board will not engage in a debate or a question/answer session.  
Within his or her discretion, the Board President shall:
  • Interrupt a speaker if statements become too lengthy, personally directed or violate confidentiality of a student or a staff member.  
  • Call a recess or adjournment if lack of public decorum so warrants. 
  • Require any individual who disrupts the agenda to leave the building. 
The public is invited to participate in the committee meetings that allow a more in-depth discussion.  The committee chair will monitor public involvement in the discussion of agenda items.