Art 1

The ART I program is taught by Mrs. Porter and Dr. Rinkevich and is offered to all students as an elective for grades 10-12.  It is a full year course.  One half of the year covers Two Dimensional Art such as Painting and Drawing and the second half of the course covers Three Dimensional Art areas such as Printmaking, Clay, Metals and Fibers.  The course is designed as a general enrichment class as well as a skill-building class for the student that may elect to explore an art-related career. Art 1 is a prerequisite for any of the advanced art classes.

Architectural Perspective Drawings
Pencil Portrait Drawings
Watercolor Paintings
Georgia O'Keeffe Inspired Acrylic Paintings
Hyper-Realistic Ceramic Food Containers
Wassily Kandinsky Inspired Jewelry
"Animals Are Beautiful People"
Linoleum Block Prints