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Summer School Overview



(Indiana Digital Education Academy for Learning)

Summer School 2023



1) All students who decide to register for Summer School 2023 coursework need to complete the registration process IN THE COMPANY of a PARENT/GUARDIAN.  The Summer School registration form features items that require the student’s parent/guardian to certify, among other things, that the parent/guardian understands the terms of registration and agrees to remit timely payment for the student’s coursework if applicable.


2) When registering for Summer School 2023 coursework, the student must complete the registration process WHILE LOGGED IN to the STUDENT’S SCHOOL-DISTRICT PROVIDED Google account.  Please note that if a student does not access the Google-based registration form while logged into his/her school district-provided Google account, the student will not be able to complete the registration process.


3) Please note that, in order to complete Summer School 2023 coursework, a student will need REGULAR, RELIABLE ACCESS to both a desktop computer/laptop/Chromebook and the Internet.  Summer School 2023 courses will be based on comparable online courses offered to Indiana Area School District students during the regular academic year.  If there is no reliable internet service at home, students will be required to attend the IDEAL Lab at the Indiana Area Senior High School. 


4) Both the student and the student’s supervising parent/guardian should read ALL information pertaining to Summer School 2023 BEFORE the student registers for Summer School 2023 coursework.