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The Role of the Teacher

The Role of the Teacher

Teachers are the driving force behind the Summit Learning experience. Equipped with the tools to customize instruction to meet the needs of all students, and empowered to build strong relationships, teachers are at the heart of every Summit Learning classroom.

Teachers spend the majority of their time teaching students how to apply their content knowledge to real-world situations through rigorous projects that are centered on the development of cognitive skills.

When teachers aren't leading projects, they are either supporting students as they make their way through content, or they're mentoring students, giving them targeted feedback to help them achieve their personal goals.

During Project Time, teachers use their training and expertise to help students apply their content knowledge to real-world problems. They facilitate discussions in the classroom, coach students in applying their cognitive skills, and give students feedback.

During Personalized Learning Time, teachers check in with students about their academic progress and provide coaching and tutoring as students focus on mastering content knowledge to apply in projects.

In addition to teaching, Summit Learning teachers are also empowered to get to know their students deeply by serving as mentors. With dedicated mentor time, teachers support their mentees throughout their entire time at school and work to help them develop a sense of purpose. Mentors help students set both long term and short term goals and coach them through their progress over time.