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Personalized Learning at IASD

6th Grade Personalized Learning

Summit Learning Program

  • Math and ELA classrooms
  • Classroom sets of Chromebooks are available.

Why use Summit Learning Program: 

What is the Summit Learning Program and how does it impact learning?
  • Summit Learning is a personalized approach to teaching and learning.
  • When students are given ownership of their own education, all with the support of their teachers and their school, they are consistently more engaged and more motivated.
  • Summit is focused on equipping students with the skills they need by creating an educational experience that touches each part of the school day. This includes Project Time (or class time), Mentor time where students meet with a dedicated mentor to talk about their goals and their progress, and personalized learning time where they work through content on the Platform.
  • Teachers are an integral part of the entire experience, from leading projects to coaching students and guiding them through content in class.
  • Developed by teachers, the Summit Learning Platform is a free learning resource/tool that powers teaching and learning as part of Summit Learning. It helps students set and track goals, learn content at their own pace, and access content in a way that best suits their style of learning.
  • The Summit Learning Platform doesn’t replace teachers or face-to-face instruction. In a Summit Learning classroom, teachers are teaching in ways that help students develop critical-thinking skills, not just memorize content.

Junior High Science

Life Science - Grade 6
  • Digital Content includes Gizmos and iScience
  • Classroom sets of Chromebooks are available.
Physical Science - Grade 7 and Earth Science - Grade 8
  • Digital Content includes Gizmos, iScience and APEX
  • Classroom sets of Chromebooks are available.

Senior High Double-Period Algebra

  • Digital Content includes Aleks Tutorials
  • Every student enrolled in Algebra in grades 9-12 is enrolled in a double-period course to provide time for blended instructional strategies.

Elementary Schools - Grades K-5 - Hybrid Math

  • Digital Content includes ST Math and iReady Math
  • 9-25 Chromebooks per Hybrid Math Room