Onboarding Documents

Residency Certification Form
Direct Deposit Agreement
Your first paycheck will be prenoted, which means that you will still receive a regular paper check for your first pay.  Subsequent pay will be direct-deposited. Please return this form with a voided check.
W-4 Form
At a minimum, you MUST complete steps 1 & 5.  If you need to complete steps 2-4, please refer to the instructions. If you need further assistance with these steps after reviewing the instructions, please consult your tax professional.
Act 29 Employee Information Form
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
When you return this form, please bring an original document that established identify (such as a driver's license) along with an original document that establishes employment authorization (such as a Social Security card). A U.S. Passport does both. A complete list can be found on page 3 of this document.
Workers' Compensation Acknowledgement Form
Please review and sign/date/return the last page. Keep the rest of the information for your records.
Employee Portal Instructions
PSERS Information for New Employees
Please click here to access important retirement information for new employees. 
403b Information for All Employees
All of our school district employees, without exception, are eligible to participate in the district’s 403(b) TSA. We urge you to read this booklet and familiarize yourself with its contents so you can take advantage of a benefit that is authorized by the Internal Revenue Service and made available to you through your school district.
Additional Checklist:
Depending on your position within the Indiana Area School District, the following documents or actions may also be required:
  • Clearances 
  • Act 126 Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Training
  • Act 71 Suicide Awareness/Prevention Training (secondary personnel)
  • Original, sealed transcripts (For permanently hired teachers or administrators only. Copies will suffice unless and until you are permanently hired.)
  • Verification of of satisfactory years of service in public school professional positions (for permanently hired teachers who are receiving salary credit for previous service)
  • If you are being hired as a permanent/full-time employee, please contact Human Resources to make arrangements for:
    • Name Badge
    • Benefits Information
    • Internet Use Form