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Biographical Information

My name is Mr. Steve Cochran and I have been teaching math at the Indiana Area Senior High School since the 1993-4 school year.  I currently am teaching AP Calculus, Algebra 2, and Algebra 1 classes in the regular classroom.  In addition to that I am the teacher of record for both the Algebra 1 and Geometry courses online for our IDEAL program.
Outside of the classroom I serve as the head coach for our indoor and outdoor track and field team as well as  specializing in the pole vault.  I also serve as a member of our Student Assistance Program Team which helps students that may be struggling with a variety of issues find the help that they may need in order to get themselves on track both in their personal lives and in the classroom.
Personally I married my wife Jill in 2003 and we are the proud parents of our two sons, Benjamin (2005) and Joshua (2011).