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Mr. Denault


This is my 10th year at Indiana Junior/Senior High School, but my 15th year teaching French.  I taught at Rockwood High School, Rockwood PA prior to that. I am married to a beautiful and smart woman and we have 5 children.  We enjoy traveling together and have a busy schedule with the many sports and activities our kids are involved in. I was born in Québec, Canada and French is my first language.  Our kids all understand French as that is the only language that I use to speak to them.  They still have some progress to make in speaking French, but that will come with time and practice. My approach to language teaching is that students should learn a foreign language with as much of it taught in the target language as possible. I will speak as much French in my classes as appropriate for the level of French that the student is studying.

I am excited to bring my joy for my native language to the Junior and Senior High and I am looking forward to the fun of learning ahead of us. Please don't hesitate to contact me. 

I manage my courses through  Students have the ability to access projects, assignments, and other important classroom announcements through their Google accounts. 

Benoît Denault, M.Ed. C&I
French Teacher
French Exchange and French Club Advisor
Indiana Area Senior and Junior High School