Rally Point Drills Scheduled

September 23, 2022

Dear Families:  

I previously wrote to you earlier this month explaining the District’s intention to conduct threat preparedness assemblies/training.  As a follow-up, the District has planned a series of rally point drills.  In mid to late October, the District will conduct rally point drills led by the District’s Safety and Security Consultant, Mr. Robert Fatula, and IASD Safety and Security Coordinator, Mr. Mike Travis.

The purpose of these drills is to make our students aware of the appropriate response in the time of an emergency.  This includes responding to an “Active Shooter” scenario.  Please make note that no gunshots/blanks will be fired during these drills at any time.  We will be practicing our ability to move to a rally point.  

As you are aware, the District has taken a variety of steps to increase our preparedness and awareness regarding these types of unfortunate events.  The goals of the training drill are to improve our ability to protect students, save lives, and reduce injuries.  As part of the District’s plan, I feel it is necessary to conduct these school-wide drills to help staff and students understand the topic as well as be prepared to the best of our ability in the case of an active shooter scenario.   

In closing,  we are committed to doing everything it takes to keep our students safe.  Please be advised that students will be dismissed at the regular time on the day of their building-level training. These drills are a part of our overall safety plan.  If you do not want your child to participate in the rally point drills,  please contact your child’s school to request that they be removed from the drill.  Each school will have a location for those students who wish not to be a part of the day’s conversation.  

All the best,

Mr. Michael J. Vuckovich

Superintendent of Schools