IASD students compete in annual foreign language competition

On Saturday April 2nd, Indiana Area School District students participated in the 31st Annual Foreign Language Competition hosted at IUP by the Appalachian Professional Language Educators Society (APPLES). Several hundred students representing many schools throughout Western Pennsylvania competed in language proficiency, performing arts, visual arts, and culture in French, German, and Spanish. Overall, IASD students won a total of 48 awards,18 in Spanish and 30 in French. A special congratulations to Mawuna Ylonfoun and Victor Wu who both won the coveted "Best Overall Award" for Spanish 5 and French 5, respectively, each earning a $50 prize. Please feel free to share these outstanding student successes on the IASD website or social media platforms. While winning prizes is always gratifying, we applaud the efforts and dedication of all students who were willing to take time out of their busy weekend to showcase their talents in World Languages. 
Congratulations to the following IASD students who placed in the competition. 
French 1 (Mr. BenoƮt Denault)

1st Benjamin Campbell (Listening)

1st Audrey Yang (Reading)

1st Nicholas Caretti (Writing)

1st Nicholas Caretti (Literary Recitation)

2nd Connor McGowan (Listening)

2nd Connor McGowan (Reading)

3rd Cricket Baunoch (Listening)

3rd Sarah Genchur (Reading)

3rd Audrey Yang (Music- Vocal)


French 2 (Mr. James Dykun)

2nd Diora Grettler (Reading)

2nd Diora Grettler (Writing)

2nd Diora Grettler (Speaking)
2nd Diora Grettler (Listening)


French 3 (Mr. James Dykun)

1st Wesley Bennett (Music- Instrumental)
2nd Isabella Yuha (Writing)
3rd Isabella Yuha (Listening)


French 4 (Mr. James Dykun)

1st (tie) Olivia Smathers (Listening)
1st (tie) Jenna McLaine (Listening)

2nd Olivia Smathers (Art- Reproduction)
3rd Jenna McLaine (Reading)


French 5 (Mr. James Dykun)

1st Victor Wu (Reading)**
1st Victor Wu (Listening)**
1st Victor Wu (Writing)**
1st Victor Wu (Speaking)**
1st Trista Newman (Art- Original)

1st Bernadette Batuncang (Literary Recitation)
2nd Caitlin Wilson (Literary Recitation)

2nd Bernadette Batuncang (Music- Vocal)
3rd Lauren Vu (Art- Original)


**Best Overall French 5 Student awarded to Victor Wu


Spanish 3 (Mr. Dan Murphy)

1st Caleb Campbell (Listening)
2nd (tie) Marina Conjelko (Reading)

2nd (tie) Caleb Campbell (Reading)
3rd Marina Conjelko (Literary Recitation)


Spanish 4 (Mr. Brian Henninger/Mr. Dylan Rinehart)

3rd Emily Adams (Listening)
2nd Emily Adams (Speaking)
3rd Xavier Semone (Literary Recitation)

AP Spanish (Mr. Dan Murphy)

1st Mawuna Ylonfoun (Reading)**
1st Mawuna Ylonfoun (Listening)**

1st (tie) Abby Killam (Writing)
1st (tie) Melanie Navaratna (Writing)
1st Mawuna Ylonfoun (Speaking)**

2nd Mawuna Ylonfoun (Writing)**
2nd Melanie Navaratna (Listening)

3rd Abby Killam (Reading)
3rd Abby Killam (Listening)
3rd Abby Killam & Melanie Navaratna (Music- Instrumental)


**Best Overall Spanish 5  Student awarded to Mawuna Ylonfoun