Reopening Options for Families

Valued Parents:

The attached document has been created to give you and your family all the information you may need to make informed decisions about how your children will return to school this fall as the COVID-19 shut down is lifted. We gathered your input in the recent survey (thank you to the 1,000+ who responded) and believe that we have put a plan in place that reflects the needs and concerns of our community.  Although at this time we still do not have all the information we need from the state, the document will provide you with insights into the developing situation, detailed descriptions of our response efforts, and should provide answers to many of the questions you may have. 

At the conclusion of the document, all families are asked to make a decision about their intentions for the coming school year.  The document is extensive, but essentially, we are asking you to choose from one of three options for your child(ren):

Traditional Model (School as close to normal as possible with increased health and safety protocols - description on pp. 10, survey link HERE)

IDEAL Model (At home cyber school owned and operated by the IASD and supported by IASD teachers and staff - description on pp. 12, survey link HERE)

Hybrid Model (A blend of the first two models, combining the flexibility of online learning, with the benefits, opportunities, safety, and structure of live, in-person school - description pp. 15, survey link HERE)

If you are certain about your family’s intentions, please feel free to complete the appropriate survey at the end of the document (links on pp. 20) at any time. If you need more time to think or want to wait to see how things further develop over the next few weeks, please take your time.  We ask only that every family complete the appropriate survey by August 1, so we will have time to properly plan for your students’ needs.

Again, we thank you for all of your input, patience, and support during what has been a very tumultuous time in America.  


Click on the following link to view the entire document:



Mr. Michael J. Vuckovich            Mr. Robert Heinrich           Mr. Justin Zahorchak

Superintendent of Schools         Director of Education         Director of Special Education