• Volunteers Wanted
    Volunteering with the Indiana Area School District’s Volunteers in partnership for Schools (VIPs) team provides a way for parents and other community members to become involved in the everyday activities of our four elementary schools. Permissible activities for all volunteers and IUP Service Learning work-study students are listed below. Becoming a member of our VIPs team provides a school-community link and plays an important role in the daily activities in our elementary schools. If you are interested, please complete the registration form below and contact any of the four elementary school offices. We will be able to provide you with a more detailed description of our program. 
    Permissible activities for all volunteers and IUP Service Learning work-study students:
    Chaperone activities or assist classroom teachers on field trips
    Read to students or students read to volunteers for practice only
    Assist with classroom parties
    Assist with field day activities
    Assist with board games during recess
    Assist students with co-curricular projects under direct teacher supervision (e.g. science fairs, Civil War encampment, Lutherlyn)
    Tutoring or group instruction for review and practice under direct teacher supervision
    Assist teachers with displays and bulletin boards provided by the classroom teacher
    Assist with general classroom organization, not including individual student work, and preparation for art and science projects
    Assist students with reading and math reinforcement activities under direct teacher supervision
    Assisting students with drill and practice activities
    Writing a student’s dictated language experience story
    Place teacher-prepared work on the chalkboard
    Provide assistance in a computer lab under direct teacher supervision
    Provide support in a library or media center under direct supervision