Guidance Services

  • High School Counseling Page

    In each school within the Indiana Area School District, counseling services are available to assist students and their parents in matters relating to personal, social, educational and vocational needs. The ultimate goal of the guidance program is to help students learn to help themselves by making better decisions about their lives. To accomplish this goal, school counselors are available at the elementary, junior high and senior high levels.

    Counselors consult with school staff, talk with parents, counsel students, and work with representatives of community agencies. More specifically, counselors provide a variety of services, including:

    Assisting teachers and parents in helping children learn

    Helping students develop interpersonal and problem-solving skills, as well as interpret and use assessment results

    Assisting with career development and post secondary planning

    Identifying and intervening with special needs and "at risk" students

    Coordinating referrals to school specialists and outside agencies

    By combining the efforts of home and school, students will know that everyone is working for their best interest.