•  sap Do you know someone "at risk" in the junior or senior high who...

    ... is experiencing failure at school?
    ... has little interest in usual activities?
    ... cannot cope with a difficult relationship?
    ... writes about gloomy and depressing topics?
    ... has ongoing problems with eating, sleeping or grooming?
    ... is involved with alcohol or drug abuse?
    ... has expressed that life is not worth living?

    · If you suspect a teenager to be "at risk," you can contact one of the school counselors or
       any member of the S.A.P.

    · Anyone can make a referral to the Student Assistance Program.


What is the Student Assistance Program?

  • In Pennsylvania, every junior high school and senior high school have a Student Assistance Program. The S.A.P. team is made up of specially trained school staff.
    S.A.P. is designed to improve the quality of education in the Indiana Area School District by providing assistance to students troubled by physical health, emotional health, or drug/alcohol problems. S.A.P.'s primary focus is to support the teen whose behavior concerns staff, fellow students, or family. S.A.P. will address the specific needs of that teen and, when needed, will help access school and community services. The family's cooperation is essential in this program.
    S.A.P. will monitor the student, providing necessary support. S.A.P. will refer the student to support agencies, if necessary. Confidentiality between the student and S.A.P. will be maintained in the best interest of the student.

    The Goals of S.A.P. are
    ... to express a concern for the general well being of the teenage student.
    ... to focus on educational concerns, improving the quality of education.
    ... to enlist the support of staff, family and community.
    ... to utilize the existing staff in the functioning of the program.
  • Indiana Area Senior High School

    Ms. Erin Eisenman
    Mrs. Carol Kerchensky
    Mr. Wade McElheny
    Mr. Matthew Scaife
    Mrs. Katie Smith
    Mr. Bill Waryck
    Mrs. Susan Zundel
    Mrs. Holly Marusa 
    Indiana Area Juntior High School
    Mrs. Erica Aiken
    Ms. Cori Anderson
    Mrs. Janice Brocious
    Mr. Paul McCue
    Mr. Mike Minnick
    Mrs. Brenda Pearce