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Reopening Schools 2020-21

Despite our efforts to provide our community with a full reopening of schools K-12 for the 2020-2021 school year, the Coronavirus pandemic has once again forced us to change our plans. On August 10th, the Department of Health and the Department of Education released new guidance requiring schools in counties identified as having “Moderate Community Transmission,” to open only if they can maintain six feet of social distancing at all times.
Indiana County is one of the counties identified. Based upon this designation Indiana Area Schools must follow the BLENDED (HYBRID) PLAN outlined below. The county designation may change week-to-week but state guidance recommends waiting for stability in the data before changing instructional models. Additionally, we know that the frequent changing of plans would be incredibly difficult for students and their families. We have therefore developed this hybrid plan for instruction for students through November 6th to give you and our students and families stability.
Indiana Area School District is dedicated to ensuring our students and staff return safely in-person to school for the 2020-2021 school year to the degree possible and practical in light of the Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines and regulations. We will focus on providing an environment that is caring, supportive, and compassionate, with the understanding that the health and wellbeing of our students, staff, and community is our highest priority. 
Framework and Design
  • Pre-K - Grade 6
    • Pre-K through grade 5 (traditional model) will attend 5-days a week.
    • All families who chose IDEAL, asynchronous, or synchronous learning will learn from home 5 days a week.
    • Grade 6 will attend 4 days a week (remote learning on Wednesdays). 
    • Masks are required throughout the day.
    • Social distancing in the classroom will occur.  
  • Grades 7-12
    • Hybrid Model
    • Monday and Tuesdays:  A-L
    • Wednesday:  100% remote
    • Thursday and Friday:  M-Z
    • Reminder:  some schedules are subject to change based on maintaining social distance guidelines. 
    • All families who chose IDEAL, asynchronous, or synchronous learning will learn from home 5 days a week.
  • At-Risk Students
    • Students with special needs can attend up to 5 days a week.  
    • Social distancing in the classroom will occur.  
    • High School access to computers to those without the internet and/or computers.  
For information about food services for students who are attending virtually, please visit the food services webpage and scroll down.