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OL Spanish I-

Students will learn to tell about themselves and their friends, their age, what they look like, where they’re from, their family, their classes and teachers, their favorite food, pastimes, sports and games. They will tell time, talk on the phone, order a meal, and write a letter. Videos, slides, filmstrips, pictures, maps, and tapes supplement the text and workbooks. Much time is devoted to listening comprehension and speaking, as well as, reading and writing.

OL Spanish II-

This course will continue to stress the skills acquired in Spanish I. Students will learn to make plans and invite friends to do something, to ask and give directions, and read about the Hispanic world in the target language. Also, they will practice making purchases in different stores. Students will enter into a more extensive study of grammar. Spanish newspapers, videos, magazines, slides, films, filmstrips and tapes will supplement the text and workbooks.

OL Spanish III-

The major goals in the third level are to continue to build skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as students amplify their knowledge of Hispanic culture. Students will read about and discuss topics of daily life and find similarities and differences between Hispanic and American cultures. Students may participate in the Spanish Exchange by serving as a host, or as a senior, by traveling to Spain.