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Mr. Mike Lehman

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OL Astronomy-

This is a one semester introductory course dealing with features and relationships of the various parts of the physical universe. Emphasis will be on the celestial sphere, stellar astronomy, constellations, members of the solar system, and the tools and methods of the astronomers. A multitude of audiovisual materials will be employed. Laboratory experiences and night sessions using several small telescopes and binoculars will be part of the course.

OL Geology-

This is a one semester laboratory centered introductory course dealing with the forces and processes which shape planet earth. The primary objective of the course is to develop an appreciation and understanding of the complex interplay of various physical agents that shape the surface of our planet. Topics will include: plate tectonics, rock formation and recognition, structural geology, mapping and orienteering, fossils, and geologic time. Supplementing the course will be outdoor mapping field activities.