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OL English 9-

English 9 is a survey course. Its objective is to improve the students’ skills in grammar, English usage, mechanics, sentence structure, composition, spelling and vocabulary, and to improve students’ appreciation of literature, including the short story, novels, non-fiction and drama. A grammar review is conducted with new grammar presentation on materials through the verbal. Multi-paragraph theme writing is stressed after the development of the single paragraph. The main drama presentation for the year is Romeo and Juliet. Videotapes are used to supplement and augment classroom selections. A structured program in vocabulary growth is conducted weekly throughout the course.

OL English 10-

Students in tenth grade English will explore Colonial to Contemporary American Literature, including several classic American novels. In addition to studying the works of American authors, students will recognize how the philosophy of each time period, such as Puritanism, Rationalism, Romanticism, and Realism is reflected in the stories, poems, essays, plays or novels. This course also focuses on developing writing skills with particular emphasis on the substantiation of a thesis statement and the recognition and demonstration of the various forms of compositions. The necessity for the clear communication of oral ideas will also be stressed. Another major component of the course involves developing the skills required tow rite an informative paper, a research project that promotes analytical thinking, independent learning and perceptive reasoning. The final grade for English 10 will be withheld pending satisfactory completion of the Culminating Project.