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OL Computer Applications-

This course offers topics in Microsoft Office 2010. Students will become more productive and efficient using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Students are taught the proper procedures to create documents, worksheets, databases, and presentations suitable for coursework, professional purposes, and personal use. This course is required and fulfills the .5 credit needed for the Computer Technology Graduation Requirement.

OL Advanced Computer Applications-

This one semester course is designed to further students’ knowledge of Microsoft Office including Word (section breaks, tables, graphics, mail merge, multi column documents), Excel (formulas and functions, data tables, amortization schedules, multiple worksheets, charts and graphics), PowerPoint (custom backgrounds, transitions, hyperlinks, action buttons), and Access (tables, reports and forms). This course fulfills counts toward the elective requirements for graduation.

Mobile Game Design (Blended Learning)-

This course will explore game design techniques used to create playable mobile games. Students will learn the fundamentals of game balance along with applying competition and playfulness to mobile games. Using GameSalad software, students will collaborate in a project-based learning environment to develop mobile games for mobile devices and tablets. Prerequisite: Evolution of Games.

GameMaker Programming I (Blended Learning)-

This course is an introduction to computer programming and video game design. Students will be using GameMaker™ Language to create 2D designs, problem-solve to debug programming errors, and build 2D objects. Students will collaborate in a project-based learning environment to create stand-alone executable video games. Prerequisite: Algebra, Evolution of Games can be taken concurrently.

GameMaker Programming II (Blended Learning)-

Not Available